Best Herbs To Be Used In Every Kitchen

Best Herbs To Be Used In Every Kitchen

Herbs are not merely taste enhancing ingredients, but most of the common herbs you know are also great in terms of nutrients and goodness. Here are the best herbs worth including in meals for every diet plan.

Used extensively in the European kitchens, thyme is among the best herbs you can add to any salad. The leaves are small and don’t need any further chopping mostly and works well with other herbs like oregano, parsley and rosemary.

This herb is known by different names like coriander, but is one of the most commonly found herbs in the world. Known for its amazing flavor, people either like it or simply hate it. When added to fresh stirred veggies, soups, fish dishes, it gives that distinct smell and aroma.

The best thing about Parsley is the fact that it can work with almost any dish and diet. There are varieties that you can find and you can add the herb to soups, pastas, veggies and even grilled steaks.

This herb is extensively used the Mediterranean cuisine of the northern side of the coast. The smell and aroma is unlike anything you must have sensed before, and it can be used for variety of dishes, especially with turkey and pork.

Among those herbs that you can like or hate, the pungent smell of rosemary is certainly not for everyone. You can add this one to your pizza and other veggie dishes, but keep in mind that the smell can be strong, so a pinch can do it all!

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