Expert Ways To Make Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

Expert Ways To Make Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

Daily breakfast needs to be fulfilling, complete and nutritious. While fruits and fresh veggies need be on the menu, most of us would prefer juice or smoothies. As compared to juices, smoothies are better because you can actually have the goodness of the whole fruit. Find out the best ways to get maximum goodness out of breakfast smoothies. 

Keep an eye on ingredients
If you are someone who counts calories, you might want to double check the ingredients you put in the blender. There is nothing like having a smoothie, which is low on sugar and offers a quick snack. Instead of piling on mangoes and bananas, use more nutritious fruits with lesser calories like melon, watermelon and berries. 

Choose healthy protein sources
Thinking of protein based shakes and smoothes, most people think of protein powders. However, most of the these powers contain processed ingredients, so you may just want to skip and include more healthy choices like flax seeds, milk extracts and tofu. Choices also include peanut butter.

Avoid refined sugar
Smoothies are meant to be healthy, and therefore, no matter how bland your morning drink may taste, the idea is to avoid added refined sugar. Sugar can ruin the goodness of the fruits and make the smoothie more like a commercially made pack of juice. 

It is also important that you don’t overdo your share of smoothies. Fruits and veggies have natural sugars, which when taken in huge quantities can do more harm than good. With one measured glass of healthy fruit smoothie, you are ready for a great day ahead.